SOS Makeup Kit


$50 off one kit, or BOGO half off the retail price.

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A Makeup Kit customized with 14 products to help your makeup stay flawless throughout the day!

Each kit contains:

Custom-made black Clutch Purse with a convenient clutch handle on the front and wristlet strap on the side. Interior pockets and an interior zipper section.
Products Inside:
1. Green Tea Facial Oil Absorbing Paper (50 sheets, Vegan, Paraben and Gluten-Free)
2. Double-sided Compact Mirror with 1x magnification and 2x magnification
3. Perfect Finish Setting Spray Cucumber, Chamomile, Green Tea Extracts and Caffeine soothe, hydrate, and energize your skin.Vitamin-enriched mist nourishes the skin and sets the makeup. (Vegan, Paraben and Gluten-Free)
4. 3D Faux Mink Strip Eyelashes Can be re-used up to 20 times.
5. Super Strong Strip Eyelash Adhesive (Transparent, Waterproof, and Latex-Free)
Lip Color Details
6. Glass Slipper Lip Gloss – Clear Coat, Glossy Finish (Vegan, Paraben and Gluten-Free)
7. True Love Lipstick – Nude Peach, Satin Finish (Paraben and Gluten-Free)
8. Bouquet Lipstick – Light Rose, Satin Finish (Paraben and Gluten-Free)
9. Newlywed Lipstick – Mauve Nude Pink, Satin Finish (Paraben and Gluten-Free)
10. Romantic Lipstick – Plum Rose, Satin Finish (Paraben and Gluten-Free)
11. Devoted Lipstain – Tan Peach, Matte Finish (Vegan, Paraben, and Gluten-Free)
12. Champagne Lipstain – Brown Nude, Matte Finish (Vegan, Paraben, and Gluten-Free)
13. Soft Glam Lipstain – Rosy Nude, Matte Finish (Vegan, Paraben, and Gluten-Free)
14. Silhouette Lipstain – Rosy Brown, Matte Finish (Vegan, Paraben, and Gluten-Free)
**All cosmetics are Cruelty-Free**
**Please email to request a detailed ingredient list for allergies and sensitivities**